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Spirit Soul Records

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Spirit Soul Records

Label Info:
Spirit Soul Records loves timeless music. The love & passion for the genre itself placed us where we are today.

Marcelo with his background in the in the business as producer and radioshow host for Tunnel FM and Dustin with his endless search for the perfect sets out there with his blog Spirit Soul Mix Archive made them decide to join forces and start Spirit Soul Records.

Stockholm, Sweden


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Source Info:
Scene, WEB

Quality Info:
320, Lossless,
Missing / Unreleased

[SSR001] Pete Oak - Suns & Moons EP
[SSR002] Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz - Feeling
[SSR003] KatrinKa - Giving Into Love
[SSR004] Urmet K feat. Soukaina - Cosmic Gypsies

[SSR005] Saccao, Biatlone, Vintage Culture - U Gonna Want Me
[SSR006] Mark Lower - I Got A Dream EP
[SSR007] Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Body Gestures EP
[SSR008] Cucumbers & Lessovsky - Apologize
[SSR009] Thomas Langner - Good News EP
[SSR010] .Motif - On The Inside EP
[SSR011] D33P - Stigma
[SSR012] Duplo - Shake That Thing EP
[SSR013] Ordonez, Montalvan - Mo Money, Mo Honey EP
[SSR014] Animal Picnic - Somebody
[SSR015] Deepnite - In Your Eyes EP
[SSR016] Xandl - Wanna Give You My Love
[SSR017] CASSIMM - Silent To Me EP
[SSR018] Asona - Wonder If You Know EP
[SSR019] Tosel & Hale - Miles Away EP
[SSR020] Breky - Sink Or Swim
[SSR021] Tom Ferry - Ralla
[SSR022] Mahmut Orhan & Deeperise - It's Time Tonight
[SSR023] Tony Tokyo - Breathe EP
[SSR024] Naor - Such Thing
[SSR025] Siente - Feel The Same
[SSR026] Max Lyazgin - No Regrets
[SSR027] Kasual & Rasmus Juul - Got No Rhythm
[SSR028] Patrick Podage - Take Me There
[SSR029] Matvey Emerson - Run Away
[SSR030] Man Of Goodwill - Physical EP
[SSR031] Equal Sidez - Press Play EP
[SSR032] Pammin - You To Me
[SSR033] Cucumbers feat. Irina Makosh - Stay Forever
[SSR034] Moe Turk, Carlo Runia, Anas.A - Your Kisses
[SSR035] Shake Sofa & Inner Rebels - All Night Long
[SSR036] Tom Ferry feat Freya - Anymore
[SSR037] Sebb Aston - Cold Hot Bass
[SSR038] Sixth Avenue Express - Don't Stay Away
[SSR039] Umut Akalin - Draw The Line
[SSR040] Haze-M, Saccao, Fat Cat Slim feat. Veselina Popova - I Can't Stop
[SSR041] Matvey Emerson feat. Rene - Alright
[SSR042] Hernan Cerbello - Dreaming
[SSR043] Kasual & Rasmus Juul - Good Times
[SSR044] Kyrill & Redford feat. Ted Dade - Green & Colors Like It
[SSR045] Milkwish - Superstar Avenue
[SSR046] DBMM & Dragon Suplex - Disco Suplex
[SSR047] Liva K, Soulson & JazzyFunk - You Should Know
[SSR048] Long & Harris - Stereotype Me
[SSR049] JazzyFunk & DJ Queto - My Love
[SSR050] Ryan Dupree - Come On
[SSR051] James Mac & VALL - Back In The Day
[SSR052] Part Of Me, Saccao feat. Asta - Keeping My Soul Chained
[SSR053] CASSIMM - I Wanna Move With U
[SSR054] Equal Sidez - Haunted
[SSR055] Matvey Emerson, Gosha - All I Want Is You
[SSR056] Saccao, Haze-M, Veselina Popova, Fat Cat Slim - I Can't Stop, Pt. 2
[SSR057] Jamie Antonelli, JazzyFunk - Civilian
[SSR058] Supacooks - P.S.
[SSR059] Heavy Pins & Stage Rockers - Remember You
[SSR060] Constantinne & Felten - To You Nothing
[SSR061] Shake Sofa - When You Touch Me
[SSR062] Thomas Langner - Tandem Bike
[SSR063] Equal Sidez - Multiple Sides
[SSR064] KatrinKa feat. Billie Fountain - Shadows
[SSR065] DJ Aristocrat feat. Gosha - Good 2 U
[SSR066] CASSIMM – Silent To Me 2015
[SSR067] Constantinne & Felten - Sometimes
[SSR068] JazzyFunk & Loui & Scibi - Run Away
[SSR069] Lou Van - Every Second
[SSR070] Long & Harris - Who Knew
[SSR071] Constantinne & Felten - Right Away
[SSR072] Le Visiteur & Jova Radevska - New Way To Be Happy
[SSR073] Alex Hook feat. Rene - I Want You To Stay
[SSR074] Maxim Kurtys feat. Becky Rutherford - I'm Movin On
[SSR075] Mark Lower feat. Kasual - Promises
[SSR076] Nemanja Kostic feat. James Stewart - The Shape That I'm In
[SSR077] Ben Ashton feat. Philip Manning - Way To You
[SSR078] Saccao, Nytron, Diva Vocal - There Was A Time
[SSR079] Alex Hook - No More Lies
[SSR080] Patrick Podage, Deniz Reno - Love No More
[SSR081] Felten, Constantinne, Base On, Philip Manning - We Are Living
[SSR082] Newbie Nerdz, Going Deeper - Feeling, Pt. 2
[SSR083] Jako Diaz - Youth
[SSR084] Rene, Matvey Emerson, Alex Hook - I Need Somebody
[SSR085] Le Visiteur - With You
[SSR086] Patrick Podage - Take Me There
[SSR087] Felten, Constantinne - Don't Turn Back
[SSR088] Kinky Movement - Your Love
[SSR089] Alex Hook, Akacia - Let Go
[SSR090] Ben Ashton, Philip Manning - Don't Stop Believing
[SSR091] Alex Hook, Shyam P - Walk Into The Night
[SSR092] Arcade 82 - Watchin The Sunrise
[SSR093] Godlips - Fly Away
[SSR094] Kevin Karlson feat. Nelly - Got The Love
[SSR095] Jako Diaz feat. Maura Hope - Ready To Fly
[SSR096] Mark Lower & Corinna Jane - The Chase
[SSR097] Sylow feat. Becky Rutherford - Walk In
[SSR098] Rene, Alex Hook - Show Me Your Love
[SSR099] Arcade 82 - Drift Away
[SSR100] Lou Van - Living In The Moment
[SSR101] Le Flex, Krystal Buckley - We Don't Need A Spaceship
[SSR102] Jako Diaz, Maxim Kurtys, Shyam P - When Stars Collide
[SSR103] Alex Hook, Shyam P - Lost In Between
[SSR104] Garry Ocean - Butterflies
[SSR105] Shyam P, Sylow - Take It All
[SSR106] Demmy Sober, Mateo Roksandic - Me & You
[SSR107] Alex Hook, NoMagic - Little Lonely
[SSR108] Jako Diaz, Shyam P - Dark Light
[SSR109] Emma Brammer, Alex Hook - BURN
[SSR110] JazzyFunk, Sharapov - Come To Me
[SSR111] Stendahl, TolKins - Ain't Givin' Up
[SSR112] Danijel Kostic - Free
[SSR113] Sylow & Jako Diaz feat. Mougleta - Memories
[SSR114] Jako Diaz - Live To Survive
[SSR115] Mark Lower feat. Scarlett Quinn - I'm Alright
[SSR116] Vijay & Sofia - The Only One
[SSR117] Stage Rockers feat. Kye Sones - I'm Gonna Be There
[SSR118] Jako Diaz & Stendahl feat. Signe G - Only Tonight
[SSR119] Stendahl & TolKins - Lose Myself
[SSR120] Sylow feat. Jordan Parker - All I Know
[SSR121] Alex Hook feat. Oxana Yu - Birdie Girl
[SSR122] Stage Rockers feat. Mick Fouse & Tiana Kruskic - Mother
[SSR123] Danijel Kostic feat. Shyam P - Keep On Dancing
[SSR124] Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher
[SSR125] Arka - Loving You
[SSR126] Alexander Hristov - It's No Sweat
[SSR127] Slipenberg - Gone
[SSR128] Jako Diaz & Stephen Ingram - You Say
[SSR129] Garry Ocean & Justin Garner - Hot Girl
[SSR130] Alex Hook & Rene - Show Me Your Love
[SSR131] Loui PL - Always There
[SSR132] Sylow & Adam Katz - Love Me
[SSR133] Tuero & Netsiah - Bear In Mind
[SSR134] Jako Diaz & Julie Elody - Gonna Dance With Your Girl
[SSR135] Mark Lower & Liel Kolet - All In My Head
[SSR136] Teo & Demmy Sober - Salt Skin
[SSR137S] Matvey Emerson - Better Days
[SSR138] West.K, Shyam P - Sinners & Lovers
[SSR139] Mark Lower & Kasual - Promises
[SSR140] Le Visiteur & Jova Radevksa - Perfect Version
[SSR141] Alexander Hristov - Machine (Radio Mix)
[SSR142] Loui PL - Always There
[SSR143] Alex Hook & Shyam P - Won't Let Go
[SSR144] Maxim Kurtys & Becky Rutherford - I'm Movin On
[SSR145] Matvey Emerson - Alright
[SSR146] Matvey Emerson, Jako Diaz, Casino Gold & Jason Gaffner - Memories

[SSRVA001] VA - Music 4 Spirit & Soul 001
[SSRVA002] VA - Music 4 Spirit & Soul 002

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