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Loki Recordings

PostPosted: 08.01.2019 9:37
by Russia
Loki Recordings

Label Info:
loki recordings was founded by musician the russian linesman.

his aim is to release music by himself and some of his favourite artists.

experimental music, not of their usual style.

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Missing / Unreleased

[LOKI001] Norsu - Ammas Mountain
[LOKI002] Groj - Ehf
[LOKI003] Lanny May - Fallen
[LOKI004] Mig Dfoe - How To Talk To The Moon
[LOKI005] Mattheis - Fill In The Missing Numbers
[LOKI006] VA - Loki Story
[LOKI007] Russian Linesman - Icelandic Skies
[LOKI008] Matthys - Escaliers
[LOKI009] Russian Linesman - Nostalgia Story
[LOKI010] Russian Linesman - The Eysenck Suite I - Melancholic
[LOKI011] Russian Linesman - The Eysenck Suite II - Choleric

[LOKI012] Russian Linesman - The Eysenck Suite III - Sanguine
[LOKI013] Russian Linesman - The Eysenck Suite IV - Phlegmatic
[LOKI014] Russian Linesman - The Trigan Empire Remixes
[LOKI015] Russian Linesman - How Can the Sky Be So Beautiful When We Have Been So Bad? Remixes
[LOKI016] Russian Linesman - Lonesome Road - Remixes
[LOKI017] Russian Linesman - Sierra Madre - Remixes

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