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Klik Records

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Klik Records

Label Info:
Founded in January 2003 by George Kyriakou, Nikos Barlas and Christos Terzopoulos, Klik Records is based in Greek capital Athens. Since the beginning, the label was launched in order to host various electronic music sounds, like deep house, tech house, fusion jazz, ambient, down tempo and lounge.
Today, within five years since its launch, Klik Records has managed to release about 50 CDs, to start a solid cooperation with the acclaimed label Kompakt and to host established producers and DJs like Hiroshi Watanabe (AKA- Kaito ), Terry Lee Brown Jr., Timo Maas, Way Out West, Silicone Soul, SCSI-9. In addition, Klik Records managed to promote and honor the status of top Greek producers such as Mikael Delta, Nikos Diamantopoulos, Dousk, Chris Nemmo, B.I.G. (3) and others.
According to the label's founders: "Our primary wish is to form timeless productions with classy sounds that remain unimpaired through time. Sounds that we can listen to with the same pleasure for a long time to come and which continue to bring out the same feelings as on the first listening. That is why we want to highlight music from all over the world to the Greek audience, as well as put Greek artists' music on the map - not only in our own country but also abroad."
Above all, Klik Records was created in order to fulfill and share music dreams...
All releases with catalog code KSCD are produced by artists of Swift Records and distributed all around the world by Klik Records.

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Source Info:
Scene, WEB, CD, Vinyl

Quality Info:
Missing / Unreleased

[KLCD001] VA - Every Day A Story
[KLCD002] Timo Maas - Music For The Maases 2
[KLCD003] Nikos Diamantopoulos - The Message CD @ discogs
[KLCD004] VA - Nuromantix: Eclectic Elektroklash Soundz
[KLCD005] Nikos Diamantopoulos - A New Life
[KLCD006] Mikael Delta - Dancing With An Angel
[KLCD007] B.I.G. - Mindscapes

[KLCD008] Bermuda Triangle - Mooger Fooger
[KLCD009] Chris Nemmo - Forbidden Paths
[KLCD010] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Ping Pong
[KLCD011] Way Out West - Don't Look Now
[KLCD012] Hiroshi Watanabe - A Klik Records Tribute To The Most Imaginative Japanese Producer
[KLCD013] Mikael Delta - Deep Inside
[KLCD014] Milto Eph Feat Junior Sp - Timeless Playground Personal purchase
[KLCD015] VA - One Nation
[KLCD016] VA - A Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode Personal purchase
[KLCD017] Silicone Soul - Staring Into Space = [SOMACD041] Silicone Soul - Staring Into Space
[KLCD018] Acropod - Tales Beyond The Unknown
[KLCD019] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Moments In Dreams
[KLCD020] VA - Every Day A Story 2
[KLCD021] Ion - No Camera
[KLCD022] Dousk - D.I.Y.
[KLCD023] Hiroshi Watanabe - Sounds Of Instruments_01
[KLCD024] VA - The Aural Exciter
[KLCD025] VA - One Nation 2
[KLCD026] Mikael Delta - Timeless Beauty
[KLCD027] SCSI-9 - The Line Of Nine
[KLCD028] Navid Tahernia - Sounds Of Instruments_02
[KLCD029] Liberto - Lullaby
[KLCD030] Sunset Blvd - Tell Me About America
[KLCD031] Serafim Tsotsonis - Peak
[KLCD032] Hiroshi Watanabe - Genesis
[KLCD033] VA - Life On Remix
[KLCD034] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Blue
[KLCD035] VA - Big In Japan
[KLCD036] Blue Pilots Project - Flight For Everyone
[KLCD037] VA - Every Day A Story 3
[KLCD038] Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Sounds Of Instruments 03
[KLCD039] Aris Kokou - 7even Days In Heaven Personal purchase
[KLCD040] Yosebu - I'll Be Waiting Till Dawn
[KLCD041] VA - Fena Fresh - Freshly Squeezed
[KLCD042] Jun Yamabe/Enitokwa - Bisai
[KLCD043] Soda Inc - Odyssey
[KLCD044] VA - One Nation Vol.3
[KLCD045] Jonas Bering - Behind The Silence
[KLCD046] Dousk - Kind Of Human
[KLCD047] VA - Press R For Galaxy Bar
[KLCD048] Satoshi Fumi - Sweet Sensation

[KLCD049] Sunset Blvd - the Most Beautiful Girl
[KLCD050] Serafim Tsotsonis - So This Is Heaven Personal purchase
[KLCD051] VA - Every Day A Story 4
[KLCD052] Ion - You & Me
[KLCD053] VA - Life On Remix 2
[KLCD054] VA - Press R For Galaxy Bar 2: "A Matter Of Character"
[KLCD055] Blue Pilots Project - Reboot
[KLCD056] Info - We Choose The Moon
[KLCD057] Port-Royal - Dying In Time
[KLCD058] Alex Dimou - One Of Us One Of Them
[KLCD059] VA - Domotel (Hospitality Matters) (compiled by George Kyriakou)

[KLCD061] Smokey Bandits - Debut
[KLCD062] Michael Delta - Tech Me Away Personal purchase
[KLCD063] Chris Nemmo - The Nautilus Project
[KLCD064] This Sweet Love (Le Monde Selection)
[KLCD065] VA - Summerize Me
[KLCD066] Aeroplane - We Can't Fly
[KLCD067] Cayetano - Back Home
[KLCD068] VA - Domotel Vol. 2 (Hospitality Matters)
[KLCD069] VA - Travel Without Moving
[KLCD070] Hiroshi Watanabe - Sync Positive
[KLCD071] Serafim Tsotsonis - Beautiful People

[KLCD072] VA - Here Comes The Sunset Vol 4 (Compiled By Jose Padilla)
[KLCD073] Alexandros Christopoulos - Sun:Set
[KLCD074] Ralph Myerz - Outrun

[KLCD075] VA - Life On Remix 3
[KLCD076] Jiannis Siopis - Auslander
[KLCD077] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools
[KLCD078] Scsi 9 - Metamorphosis
[KLCD079] VA - Singita Miracle Beach 10th Anniversary (Compiled By Jose Padilla & Glass Coffee)
[KLCD080] Alex Dimou - Halemweg
[KLCD081] VA - Eclettica By Glass Coffee
[KLCD082] Sillyboy - Stalker
[KLCD083] VA - Eclettica II By Glass Coffee Continuous Mix missing
[KLCD084] Cayetano - The Right Time

[KSCD001] G-Pal - Ophra
[KSCD002] Tone Depth & Soul Tan - Broken
[KSCD003] G-Pal - 1
[KSCD004] G-Pal contra Anna Maria X - Back 2 Back Sessions Vol.1
[KSCD005] G-Pal - 02
[KSCD006] Anna Maria X - Sleepless Drive
[KSCD007] G-Pal - Best
[KSCD008] G-Pal vs. Anna Maria X - Back To Back Sessions 02
[KSCD009] G-Pal - 03
[KSCD010] Anna Maria X - Sleepless Drive 2

[KITMS01] VA - Soundz Like Klik 6 Years Klik Records Personal purchase

[KLDIG062] Michael Delta - Tech Me Away (The Remixes) Personal purchase
[KLDIG074] Ralph Myerz - Something New (The Remixes) Personal purchase
[KLDIG077] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools The Remixes Pt.02
[KLDIG078] Rennie Foster - Heart Shaped Shadow
[KLDIG080] Alex Dimou - Halemweg Remixes Pt.1
[KLDIG151] Rovat - The Lost God EP
[KLDIG152] Savvas - Night Elements EP
[KLDIG152] Datamen & MC Yinka - The Zone
[KLDIG153] Glass Coffee - The Miracle (Part One)
[KLDIG154] Lego Boy, Beat Ride - Shadow Or Not
[KLDIG155] Lou - Do U Want It

[KLIKME001] Alex Dimou - Rogue Spears EP Personal purchase
[KLIKME002] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Eternity EP beatport => I bought the release but download from BP fails. checking with them what's up currently
[KLIKME003] VA - Aegean Sea: A Klik Rec Summer Soundtrack Personal purchase
[KLIKME004] Serafim Tsotsonis - So This is Heaven (The Remixes) Personal purchase
[KLIKME005] Sunset Blvd - The Most Beautiful Girl (The remixes) Personal purchase

[KLTMPCD02] VA - Rhodes Dreamline By Tasos Giasiranis
[KLTMPCD03] VA - Rhodes Experience By Tasos Giasiranis
[KLTMPCD04] VA - Rhodes Inspirational: From East To West By Tasos Giasiranis
[KLTMPCD05] VA - Travel Sound Vol 1 By Cosmorama Travel
[KLTMPCD06] VA - Pathos Essential Dreams
[KLTMPCD07] VA - Rhodes Journey To The Light
[KLTMPCD08] VA - El Rey Alobar

[KLV001] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Ping Pong => all tracks available on [KLCD010] Nikos Diamantopoulos - Ping Pong
[KLV002] Mikael Delta - Dancing With An Angel (Remixes) vinyl @ discogs
[KLV003] B.I.G. - A Promise vinyl @ discogs
[KLV004] Hiroshi Watanabe - Point Of Life vinyl @ discogs
[KLV005] Dousk - D.I.Y. Part 1 vinyl @ discogs
[KLV006] James Benitez - Missing You vinyl @ discogs
[KLV007] Dousk - D.I.Y. Part 2 Personal purchase
[KLV008] Hiroshi Watanabe - Genesis EP
[KLV009] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools EP => all tracks available on [KLCD077] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools
[KLV010] SCSI-9 - Metamorphosis => all tracks available on [KLCD078] Scsi 9 - Metamorphosis
[KLV011] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools (Remixes) Personal purchase
[KLV012] Lee Burton - Busy Days For Fools Lake People Remixes
[KLV013] 12 Tones - Oneiro EP
[KLV014S] Sillyboy - Do It Again EP on [KLCD082]
[KLV015] Cayetano - The Right Time = [KLCD084]
[KLV016] 9West - Heart Shaped Moon
[KLV016S] 9West - Decay EP
[KLV017] Baby Guru - Sunshine Special
[KLV017S1] Baby Guru - Glance
[KLV018] Kid Flicks - Kid Flicks

[MEKLIKCD001] Homme - Realization For The Eat + Remixes & Interpretations

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