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Church & Sublabels

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Church & Sublabels

Label Info:
London based record label.

Church releases have been charted by Jimpster, Eric Cloutier, El_Txef_A, Santé, Ryan Elliott and other artists.

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Source Info:

Quality Info:
Missing / Unreleased

[CHURCH000] Lorca - Love Like This (Lorca Refix)
[CHURCH001] Happa - Beat Of The Drum - Bring It Back
[CHURCH002] Rumah - Stutter - Murmur
[CHURCH003] Viers ‎- 0002
[CHURCH004] Apes - Two Thousand Six - Cold Love
[CHURCH005] Seb Wildblood - Come Into My House EP
[CHURCH006] Viers ‎- Freesia = フリージア
[CHURCH007] Wolfey & Project Pablo - Jervis Pump Station EP
[CHURCH008] Ishmael ‎- Sometime In Space
[CHURCH009] James Booth - Silver Blaze
[CHURCH010] Beesmunt Soundsystem - Afterglow EP
[CHURCH011] Nicholas - Lonnie's Reprise LP
[CHURCH012] Laurence Guy - Saw You For The First Time
[CHURCH013] Yadava - It Rains Here
[CHURCH014] Unreleased
[CHURCH015] DJ Malcolm, Dabriel Garius - Lulo | (Vinyl Only, 10") | Discogs

[CHURCHM001] Mall Grab - Sun Ra EP
[CHURCHM002] Beesmunt Soundystem & San Proper - Simcha Riddim EP
[CHURCHM003] Folamour ‎- Melophrenia
[CHURCHM004] Gnork - Marble

[CHURCHW001] Seb Wildblood ‎- Feel
[CHURCHW002] FYI Chris - No Hurry / Juliette
[CHURCHW003] Ishmael ‎- Time & Time Again
[CHURCHW004] Laurence Guy - Kojak EP
[CHURCHW005] Chaos In The Cbd ‎- Constraints Of Time Travel
[CHURCHW006] Apes - Mosaic EP
[CHURCHW007] Seb Wildblood - Jazz Vol.1 EP
[CHURCHW008] DJ Aakmael - Beautiphul EP
[CHURCHW009] Laurence Guy - Bamboo EP
[CHURCHW010] Jesse Futerman ‎- My Favourite Merchant EP
[CHURCHW011] Ben Hauke - Rough, Ready, Steady EP
[CHURCHW012] FYI Chris ‎- Home Alone EP
[CHURCHW013] Seb Wildblood - Jazz Vol. 1
[CHURCHW014] PC ‎- Spirit Feel
[CHURCHW015] Goddard - Find Me

[SW001] Seb Wildblood - Foreign Parts
[SW002] Seb Wildblood - Submarine
[SW003] Seb Wildblood ‎- U
[SW004] Seb Wildblood - SW004
[SW005] Seb Wildblood - Melodic Tools

Church Volumes
[CHURCHV001] VA - Church Volumes 001
[CHURCHV002] VA - Church Volumes 002
[CHURCHV003] VA - Church Volumes 003

All My Thougths
[AMT001] DJ Heure - Outsider Resource
[AMT002] Tom VR - Frissons
[AMT003] Arthur Miles - Night Flight
[AMT004] U-I ‎- U-I
[AMT005] Hobie - Espresso Depresso
[AMT006] Secret Lover - Lost & Found EP
[AMT008] Mateis e. aqir - Born To Be Sand
[AMT007] Tom VR ‎- Films
[AMT009SP] Seb Wildblood - Bad Space Habits
[AMT009] Seb Wildblood ‎- Grab The Wheel

Label Updates History:
4-12-2018: Topic created

Latest Release:
[CHURCHW015] Goddard - Find Me

This is a Lossless Label. (BONUS=10)
Original Lossless (FLAC/WAV/ALAC) EP Count = 42. (BONUS=42)
Original Lossless (FLAC/WAV/ALAC) LP Count = 9. (BONUS=27)
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