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Insomniafm Records / Insomniafm Digital / Insomniafm Abstracts

PostPosted: 09.01.2019 16:23
by Russia

Insomniafm Records

Offshoot of Insomniafm Radio, Romanian electronic dance music label specializing in Progressive, Tech House and Techno music.

Quality Info:
320, AAC / MP4, Lossless, Part Collected
Missing / Unreleased

[IFMR001] Serdar Ors - I Miss You Michael Jackson
[IFMR002] Fyono - Orient Original Mix missing
[IFMR003] Franzis-D - Mediterranean EP
[IFMR004] Alexander Anufriev - Word Is Silver, Silence Is Gold
[IFMR005] Azur Odobasic - Pay Attention
[IFMR006] Fanyo - White To Fusion
[IFMR007] Roland Vee - Imprisoned
[IFMR008] Fabio T. - Is Out Of Control
[IFMR009] Dzim - Black Factory
[IFMR010] Archie JD - Hypnotised
[IFMR011] Tolga Diler & Semih Karakas - Judgement Oscitone & Andy Newland remix missing
[IFMR012] Fabio_T-Insomnia-(IFMR012)-WEB-2011-YOU transcode
[IFMR013] JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink - Like A Lady
[IFMR014] Ruca_Apple-Message_From_Shirley-(IFMR014)-WEB-2011-YOU 1 track transcode
[IFMR015] Alexander Anufriev - Sincerity 1 track transcode
[IFMR016] Aquadro - Broken Heart
[IFMR017] Paul Martinez - Ocean Roaming
[IFMR018] Ozerk Ozmen - Fair Enough
[IFMR019] Mena - Katana
[IFMR020] John Veis - 6 Am
[IFMR021] Wez_Saunders-Shuckle_Nuffling-IFMR021-WEB-2011-TraX
[IFMR022] Serdar Ermis - Metal String
[IFMR023] T-Dallas - Man2Man
[IFMR024] Ruca Apple - Decided to Believe
[IFMR025] Fabio T. - You Made Me Angry
[IFMR026] Marcu Vershi - Resistance System
[IFMR027] MICR0 - Stutter Mouth
[IFMR028] Damir & Dubmin - Dreaming
[IFMR029] VA - Autumn Nights vol.1
[IFMR030] Brazza - Omphaloskepsis
[IFMR031] Noa Romana & Deersky - Train To Nowhere
[IFMR032] White Brothers - Wrong is Right
[IFMR033] Franzis-D - I Need Love
[IFMR034] Adobe - Anonymous
[IFMR035] DJ Massymo Tn - Gothique
[IFMR036] Brazza - Less Is More
[IFMR037] Fyono - I Miss Your Love
[IFMR038] Nick Wurzer & Kai Randy Michel - Frequenz
[IFMR039] Franzis-D - Nicotine
[IFMR040] Deejay Mo & Pillsman - Croatian Army
[IFMR041] DJ Duma - Lost In My Mind
[IFMR042] DJ Coslow & Ilker Sargin - Fashion Show
[IFMR043] Marcu Vershi - Joly
[IFMR044] Peaceful Mind & Crystal Drop - Universal Mind
[IFMR045] Franzis-D - Folklore
[IFMR046] DJ Coslow - Este O Amor
[IFMR047] John D - Silent Winter
[IFMR048] Orelse - The 8 Rules
[IFMR049] Marcu Vershi - Tough
[IFMR050] Boral Kibil - Paradox
[IFMR051] Ruca Apple - Live Out A Fantasy
[IFMR052] Kaan Koray & Eray - Rise Of Darkness
[IFMR053] Zan Prevee - Revealing Senses
[IFMR054] Peaceful Mind - Ray Of Light
[IFMR055] Franzis-D - Romance En Cordoba
[IFMR056] Alexandros Djkevingr - Terrorism In London
[IFMR057] DJ Duma & Nico Kala G - Elements Of Darkness Original Mix missing
[IFMR058] Orelse - Sun Above Your Eyes
[IFMR059] Erik Iker - Always Protected
[IFMR060] Zibe - Mental
[IFMR061] Peaceful Mind - Vortex
[IFMR062] John D - Touched the Darkness
[IFMR063] DJ Massymo Tn - Revolution
[IFMR064] Paul Martinez - Coming Of Shiva
[IFMR065] Luke Fair - Plutoid
[IFMR066] Paro Dion - Something New EP
[IFMR067] Frangellico - Tech Me To The Moon EP
[IFMR068] Kris Omen - Invisible Force
[IFMR069] Abraham - Dreaming EP
[IFMR070] Benny Dawson - Bounce Maker EP
[IFMR071] P-ben - Wonder Girl EP
[IFMR072] John D & Zan Prevee - Red Moon EP
[IFMR073] Franzis-D - Impetus EP
[IFMR074] Philip Chedid - Reflex EP
[IFMR075] Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross - Something Happened
[IFMR076] P-ben - Cadburry EP
[IFMR077] Alberto Caput - The Crane EP
[IFMR078] Benny Dawson - Insurance EP
[IFMR079] Roy Morgan & Zocaloo - Awww
[IFMR080] Neel V - French Connection
[IFMR081] IDEK - My World EP
[IFMR082] TIS & Zoe - Boy Dancing
[IFMR083] Ruca Apple - Destruction Of The World
[IFMR084] Chris Gavin - Moon 1969
[IFMR085] Benny Dawson - London Nights
[IFMR086] Benny Dawson - Psyhikal EP
[IFMR087] Charly Petrone - Anything Else EP
[IFMR088] Anthony Poteat & Benny Dawson - Metro Bourne
[IFMR089] Junitoshi - Shinin' Star
[IFMR090] John Loupis - Te Necesito
[IFMR091] The Editor feat. Gery - Deeper Love EP
[IFMR092] Dawson Viegas feat. Anthony Poteat - Never Give Up
[IFMR093] Kaiser Gayser - DJ
[IFMR094] House Invaders - Deeper Side
[IFMR095] Vivera Van Dogh - Feeling Good
[IFMR096] Junitoshi - Morai EP
[IFMR097] Alexandros Djkevingr - Ma Rhodian Side
[IFMR098] Nick Wurzer - Get Together
[IFMR099] Idek - Face The Music
[IFMR100] Luke Fair - Turning EP
[IFMR101] Fabio T. - Fall Out EP
[IFMR102] Bestami Turna - Bacchus EP
[IFMR103] Sabatine - Conspiracy EP
[IFMR104] Ego Progressus - Destructive Thoughts
[IFMR105] Alex Miller - Leave Fright
[IFMR106] Benny Dawson - Tribal Quake
[IFMR107] Mo' Funk - Glide
[IFMR108] Bestami Turna - Fatal Case
[IFMR109] The Editor - Fly Guy
[IFMR110] David Sutcuz - Pneumonia
[IFMR111] Frequenc - Piragua
[IFMR112] Benny Dawson - Genesis
[IFMR113] Carmelo Carone - Hyperbolic
[IFMR114] Benny Dawson - A Matter of Taste
[IFMR115] Junitoshi - Illyria
[IFMR116] Method Jenarro - Another Game
[IFMR117] David Sutcuz - My Muza
[IFMR118] Method Jenarro - Among the Shadows
[IFMR119] MISIGII - Art Darkk
[IFMR120] David Sutcuz feat. Muza - Simply Follow
[IFMR121] Bestami Turna - Ghost Train
[IFMR122] MISIGII - Alcoholic Minimal
[IFMR123] Baturay Gocmenler & Bahadir - Deep Emotions
[IFMR124] MISIGII - New Theory
[IFMR125] Kaizer The DJ - Droppin the Preasure
[IFMR126] David Sutcuz - Da Cave
[IFMR127] Mo' Funk - Casual Lovers
[IFMR128] Hansgod - Silent Heart
[IFMR129] Benny Dawson - Serendipity
[IFMR130] MISIGII - Bomb Distortion
[IFMR131] El Vento - Unidentified
[IFMR132] The Editor - Monocore
[IFMR133] Kaizer The DJ - Force of Life
[IFMR134] Findike - Surveillance
[IFMR135] MISIGII - Bogota
[IFMR136] Benny Dawson, Cinnamon Brown, Kazama - Pressure
[IFMR137] Benny Dawson - Aerospace
[IFMR138] Dan & Wayze - Blackout
[IFMR140] Findike - Black Out
[IFMR141] Anlight - Sorrow
[IFMR142] Mo' Funk & Asta Nova - Moon Rising
[IFMR143] MISIGII - I Loved You
[IFMR144] Kaizer The DJ - Plesko
[IFMR145] Findike - Bipolar
[IFMR146] Findike - Reserved
[IFMR147] Topo - Deep Journey
[IFMR148] Ruca Apple - Three Lucifer's Eyes
[IFMR149] Anlight - Endless Fall
[IFMR150] Redub, Robbie Jay, Roberth - Spectre
[IFMR151] Franzis-D & Volkan Erman - Bursa Nights (Part 1)
[IFMR152] Darius J & Findike - Contact
[IFMR153] Christopher Hermann - Sixtus
[IFMR154] Kaizer The DJ - Git Up
[IFMR155] Darius J - Synthopia
[IFMR156] Graham Lloris - I Dust
[IFMR157] Kaiser Gayser - Divine
[IFMR158] Benny Dawson - Fantastic Night
[IFMR159] Findike - Ordinary Syhmphonic
[IFMR160] Franzis-D & Volkan Erman - Bursa Nights, Pt. 2
[IFMR161] Andrey Plavinskiy - Paranormal Activity
[IFMR162] Findike - Scientific Depth
[IFMR163] Benny Dawson & Anthony Poteat - Joy
[IFMR164] Goda Brother - Lost in Nubian
[IFMR165] Christian Monique - Odyssey
[IFMR166] Findike - Living Dead
[IFMR167] Bestami Turna - Divination
[IFMR168] Bestami Turna - Anunnaki
[IFMR169] Bestami Turna - Undergeridoo
[IFMR170] Bestami Turna - Blind Owl
[IFMR171] Bestami Turna - Space
[IFMR172] Findike - Hypnotic Poison
[IFMR173] Kaiser Gayser - Luminous
[IFMR174] Bestami Turna - Concheros
[IFMR175] Findike - Dunes
[IFMR176] Bestami Turna - Deep Drive


Insomniafm Digital

[IFMD001] Franzis-D - Crysis
[IFMD002] Paul Martinez & Fiddler - Morbus
[IFMD003] Darkon - Come Back
[IFMD004] Sinior Cliff - The Effect
[IFMD005] Yamil Farag - Pandemic
[IFMD006] John D - The Third Night
[IFMD007] DJ Massymo Tn - Deep Impact
[IFMD008] Jonatan Ramonda - Find You Here
[IFMD009] Graham Lloris - Emotions Melodies
[IFMD010] Franzis-D - Fashion Victim
[IFMD011] Snorkle - Paradise EP
[IFMD012] Constan - On My Shoulder
[IFMD013] Arthur Sense & Graham Lloris - Izgrejala EP
[IFMD014] Booya & Dayah Mari - Release Me
[IFMD015] Darkon - Destiny EP
[IFMD016] Graham Lloris - Timea EP
[IFMD017] Franzis-D - Reef Of The Sirens
[IFMD018] Peter Meatman - Crystalline Sunshine EP
[IFMD019] Julian Rodriguez - Golochyn Mount EP
[IFMD020] Vansam - Through The Fear EP
[IFMD021] Ghoeyash - Xample
[IFMD022] Poullux Troy & Philowz'O - Sahara
[IFMD023] Jose Tabarez - Blandina
[IFMD024] Umut Akman - Dark Republic EP
[IFMD025] Voytech & Dominik Chmurski - Violins EP
[IFMD026] Smart Wave - Hyperboles EP
[IFMD027] Kaiser Gayser feat. Anthony Poteat - Coincidence EP


Insomniafm Abstracts

[IFMA001] John D - Blue Ocean EP
[IFMA002] Veliades feat. Say - Moments Of Me EP
[IFMA003] DJ Lemy - Red Nose EP
[IFMA004] Kaiser Gayser - Whales and Dolphins
[IFMA005] Sinior Cliff - Extensive
[IFMA006] John D - Deconstruction
[IFMA007] Erich Lh - Angradoreis
[IFMA008] Alex Code - Sorrow Melody
[IFMA009] Brosqua - Dreamy Sundays
[IFMA010] Zan Prevee - Overthrow
[IFMA011] Alex Code - Deeper Feelings EP
[IFMA012] Orelse - Daydream Re-Visited
[IFMA013] JonQPublik - Intervals EP
[IFMA014] H@k - Lust EP
[IFMA015] Benny Dawson - Loved Up
[IFMA016] Ilya Deep - One Way
[IFMA017] Kid Vibes - Catch Me
[IFMA018] The Editor - The Deep Blues Story
[IFMA019] - Vintage
[IFMA020] Benny Dawson - Journeys EP
[IFMA021] Nanoboy - Sax Passion
[IFMA022] Synin - Love Today
[IFMA023] The Editor - Another Way to Go Back
[IFMA024] Alexandros Djkevingr - Camping Straws Bats
[IFMA025] Sprotte - My Cosy Home
[IFMA026] Benny Dawson & Anthony Poteat - Deeper
[IFMA027] Idek - Chillin'

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